Understanding Deciding On Key Factors In Bathing Suits

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"Whether it be going to 15 different stores or online shopping until I can't even think straight, I try to find things for the least expensive price that I can. So when I started looking online for swimwear I realized quickly that there was no such thing as fast, easy and cheap shopping for swimsuits. Assuming she probably is not the only college student on a budget, Turner decided to launch her own affordable brand from scratch and have her target customer base be her female colleagues right here at UA. I did a lot of research to get where I am today and am happily working with a great international company, where I get to personally pick out the bathing suits I sell based on the amount of likes each post receives on Instagram, Turner said about where her products come from. Since the launch, she has progressively gained followers on Instagram and is in the process of creating her own website, which will include simple shipping strategies and other swim-related products. The logo of Simple Things Swim, an affordable swimsuit company created by UA student Sara Turner. Currently, the swimsuits are available through Turner's Instagram, and she is working on creating a website. In the meantime, Turner has been making her profit through her posts on Instagram. She can post a photo of a new bathing suit from her collection, and people can then direct message Simple Things Swim with inquiries. Although she has been making a profit, she said she is expecting a serious increase in sales after the launch of her website. Having a business as a student is a lot of work and takes a lot of time, but if its something you are passionate about, it is so worth it and a lot of fun, Turner said. She said she has been receiving nothing but support from the people around her, especially her sisters in the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. RELATED: Designer Monica Hansen debutes new swimwear line at TFW Simple Things Swim model Sydney Compton, who is also a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and a junior studying ชุดว่ายน้ำ therapeutic communication, said the quality of the swimsuits is high and sizing of the suits may be different for everyone because everyone's body is different. "For me personally, I tried on multiple suits and the sizing was perfect," Compton said. "The material is excellent and comparable to Victorias Secret for sure." Brooklyn Borkowski, another Simple Things Swim model, Kappa Alpha Theta member and a physiology senior, said the line's designs and prints are more original than that of other brands of swimsuits.

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